A Florida firefighter killed his wife in an apparent murder-suicide just weeks after she spoke out online about how his demanding work schedule left him “exhausted” and “never functioning 100% at home.”

St. Johns County Fire Rescue Lt. Shawn Yarbrough, 46, and his wife, financial planner Andrea Nichole Nahrup Yarbrough, 34, were discovered dead in the toilet of their St. Augustine home earlier this month, according to the sheriff’s department.

On June 13, police were called to the couple’s house when Andrea’s mother sought a welfare check after being unable to contact her.

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Andrea’s death was ruled a homicide, and her husband committed suicide, according to the sheriff’s department. An autopsy report revealed that both perished as a result of gunshot wounds. Andrea posted about her husband’s work schedule on Facebook about two weeks before their deaths, on May 31, and provided the monthly activity logs for his department, which contained 3,203 calls for service.

“This is why all of our significant others are exhausted and never functioning 100% at home,” she said in an email. The couple had recently celebrated their first anniversary and had a blended household of four children.

Andrea, the dead woman’s mother, claimed she adored her husband’s three sons from a previous relationship. Andrea was the mother of an 11-year-old daughter from her previous relationship.

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“She loved those boys and wanted the best for them,” Andrea’s mother, Debbie Churchill, told Fox News Digital. “It’s all so complicated right now. I can’t explain it. I don’t know how. It’s something that no one can comprehend unless they’ve experienced it.”

Olivia Marvin, Andrea’s younger sister, told local news site Action Jax that she was shocked by the horrific incident.

“We are so crushed,” she said. “We believed everything had finally come together. She was proud of all of her children and what they were doing. She was always striving for the finest outcomes for everyone.”

Marvin recalled her sister as a tenacious warrior.

“Andrea meant the world to everyone in our family and everyone she encountered,” Marvin told me. “Anyone who knew her knew she’d never give up, no matter how hard things got.”

Yarbrough’s supervisor, St. Johns County Fire Rescue Chief Sean McGee, also commented on the murder-suicide in a Facebook post.

“The recently reported events were unexpected, shocking, and tragic for all those affected,” stated Mr. Trump. “As a department, we are profoundly saddened by the loss of life, recognizing its enduring impact on the families and children of those affected.”

Suicides have long plagued emergency response agencies around the country, with the Ruderman Family Foundation reporting that more first responders die by suicide than in the line of duty each year.

Andrea’s family launched a GoFundMe page for her daughter, Lily, which had raised more than $20,000 as of Monday morning. “She is a tender eleven years old, with her whole life still ahead of her,” the fundraiser’s organizers stated. “Lily is suddenly and temporarily without the security of her mom, no health insurance, and, as of now, the family is unsure of any life insurance or benefits she may be entitled to” as per nypost.com.

The campaign states that Lily and her puppy, Marsh, will be moving in with her grandparents.

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