15-year-old Arrested for Felony Murder After Botched Robbery Leads to Fatal Shooting

15-year-old Arrested for Felony Murder After Botched Robbery Leads to Fatal Shooting

WOODBRIDGE, VA- A felony murder investigation has led to the arrest of a 15-year-old male juvenile from Gaffney, SC, on charges related to the death of a 17-year-old during a heist.

The crime occurred on June 18 at Misty Ridge Apartments on Lost Canyon Ct, where officers discovered the deceased and at least one other accomplice conspired to rob an 18-year-old guy of marijuana and money. The suspects, who were from South Carolina, were familiar with the targeted home.

After failing to receive a response at the door the night of the attempted robbery, the deceased shattered a window to gain entry to the flat. The resident, who was sleeping, replied by firing his handgun, fatally wounded the invader. The 15-year-old accused fled the scene and fired a weapon into the complex, but no additional injuries were recorded.

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Following an investigation aided by various law enforcement organizations, including Virginia State Police and police departments from Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Gaffney, South Carolina, the juvenile was caught without incident in Fredericksburg. Two firearms were seized during the arrest shorenewsnetwork stated.

The youngster is now charged with criminal homicide, burglary with intent to commit a felony, and shooting into an occupied dwelling. He is currently being kept at a Juvenile Detention Center, with a court date scheduled. The investigation is underway.

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