Man Charged With Causing Fatal Crash on Raccoon Valley Road, Killing Two Women and Unborn Child

Man Charged With Causing Fatal Crash on Raccoon Valley Road, Killing Two Women and Unborn Child

A man was charged with causing the deaths of two persons and an unborn child that occurred as a result of a collision that occurred on Raccoon Valley Road in Knoxville.

An accident that occurred near the intersection of Raccoon Valley Road and Hammond Way on Friday evening at approximately six o’clock was reported by the Rural Metro Fire Department. Emergency responders went to the scene.

Jonathon Jones, age 20, from Luttrell, was driving a Nissan Sentra in the direction of eastbound traffic on Raccoon Valley Road when he crossed into the westbound lane and collided with a Ford Expedition, according to the court papers.

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Jones was recklessly driving and passing other vehicles on a double yellow line before the collision, according to several witnesses who testified to the state police.

“Several were trapped and had to be cut from the wreckage,” officials from Rural Metro said in a statement. According to the records filed in the court, five individuals sustained injuries and were transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for therapy.

The single passenger in Jonathon’s car, Casandra Jones, was pronounced dead there, according to the court records, and her unborn child was also pronounced dead.

The driver of the Ford, along with two passengers, were all reported to have sustained injuries, according to the police. It was determined that Virginia Brooks, one of the passengers, passed away at the hospital early on Saturday morning.

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While a trooper was speaking to Jonathon at the UT Medical Center, the trooper mentioned that Jonathon had bloodshot eyes and watery eyes. In addition to that, he disclosed to the authorities that he was a daily marijuana smoker as per WVLT.

Three counts of vehicular murder by drunkenness were brought against Jones, in addition to two counts of aggravated assault and improper passing.

It is the Tennessee Highway Patrol that is in charge of investigating the collision.

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