Legal Battle Company Launches Lawsuit over Counterfeit Trump Sneakers Amid Election

Legal Battle: Company Launches Lawsuit over Counterfeit Trump Sneakers Amid Election

A lawsuit was filed on Monday by the company responsible for former President Donald Trump’s new sneaker line. The lawsuit claims that several individuals and business entities have been involved in the sale and promotion of counterfeit shoes.

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court in Arizona, alleging violations of trademark and copyright laws. The defendants have not been named, but the plaintiffs have stated that they will be identified in a document that will be sealed. The lawsuit claims that the defendants are a mix of individuals, unincorporated business associations, and business entities primarily based outside of the U.S. They conduct their operations through commercial websites hosted within the country.

The company’s attorneys have requested the court to impose restrictions on the defendants, preventing them from engaging in any unauthorized reproduction. Additionally, they are seeking prohibitions on advertising or selling counterfeit sneakers, as well as operating or registering websites associated with these illegal activities. The plaintiffs have requested that the defendants be held accountable for any profits obtained through trademark violations. Additionally, they are seeking a court award of $2 million for each instance of counterfeiting and $25,000 for each copyright violation.

In February, Trump introduced the Trump Sneakers line. The collection includes a variety of shoe options, including high-tops and laceless athletic shoes in both red and white. These shoes are priced between $199 and $399 and feature the letter “T” along with other unique details.

The shoes have also been marketed as a perk for generous contributors. The sneakers were authorized to feature Trump’s name, image, and likeness for sale. They have no connection to his campaign as per NBC News.

The attorneys representing 45Footwear stated in the lawsuit that they enlisted the services of an online fraud investigator. This investigator successfully identified individuals and businesses involved in the promotion and sale of counterfeit sneakers, even before any genuine sneakers had been dispatched.

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