Courtroom Drama Skylar Meade Admits to Crimes, Negotiates Charges in Ada County

Courtroom Drama: Skylar Meade Admits to Crimes, Negotiates Charges in Ada County

On the second Tuesday of July, 2024, the Idaho inmate who was at the center of a high-profile prison escape that occurred back in March was present in two courtrooms located in Ada County.

Skylar Meade entered guilty pleas for two offenses that were related to his possession of methamphetamine during his appearances in court to face the accusations.

In the course of his appearance before the judge, Meade stated, “I did what I’m being charged with, and I’m just trying to get done with the court process.”

During the second hearing, Meade filed an Alford plea to a ‘severe bodily harm enhancement’ that was connected to the escape. In return, the state removed an enhancement for gang affiliation from the list of penalties.

Meade recently entered a guilty plea to the charges that were brought against him for the escape. In addition, Meade was indicted for a homicide that took place in North Idaho while he and his alleged accomplice Nicolas Uphenhour were on the run from the authorities as per Idaho Stateman.

A court appearance regarding Meade’s violent escape from St. Alphonsus is scheduled to take place on July 19, and it is anticipated that he will then return to court.

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