Queens Man Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Drown Children on Connecticut Beach

Queens Man Arrested for Allegedly Attempting to Drown Children on Connecticut Beach

Police arrested a guy who was purportedly discovered trying to drown his children on a beach early Saturday.

Romney Desronvil, 42, of Queens, New York, is accused of “deliberately” attempting to drown his children on a Connecticut beach.

In a news release, the West Haven Police Department stated that the “heinous act” occurred shortly after 2:30 a.m. At the time, a police officer monitoring the area overheard “significant screaming” and observed an SUV parked on the beach.

“As the officer approached, he heard significant screaming coming from the water,” the Police Department stated. “As he continued towards this commotion, it was apparent an adult male and two small children were in the water.” When the patrol officer entered the water, the defendant allegedly maneuvered himself and his children deeper into Long Island Sound and yelled at the officer, “Stay back!”

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The statement indicates that the guy intentionally drowned his children.

“Officers immediately entered the water and were nearly 100 yards away from shore at this time,” according to the report. “Other officers on scene joined members of the West Shore Fire Department and entered the water utilizing the West Shore Fireboat.” The officer recovered the children and transported them to a nearby hospital for treatment. At 9 a.m. on Saturday, both children were in the intensive care unit.

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“It is without a doubt the swift response by our patrol officers saved the lives of these children,” according to FOXNEWS. “The communication and collaborative efforts made by the West Shore Fire Department and eventually the New Haven Police Department allowed for immediate medical aid and also the apprehension of Desronvil.”

“Our Detective Division has now assumed the investigation and more information will be provided as the investigation proceeds.”

Criminal accusations against Desronvil are still pending.

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