California Democrats Want to Deceive Voters Concerned About Crime

California Democrats Want to Deceive Voters Concerned About Crime

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and his Democratic colleagues in the California Assembly appear intent to deceive voters with every instrument at their disposal to maintain the state’s pro-criminal policies.

Two weeks ago, California Democrats attempted to bribe shops into withdrawing their support for the repeal of the state’s pro-criminal Proposition 47. Last week, rumors spread that Newsom was open to Proposition 47 improvements, but only at the end of his final term and certainly not this year, as it would allegedly benefit Democrats in congressional contests.

According to local Sacramento outlet KCRA 3, Democrats intend to include a crime-related petition on the ballot alongside the petition 47 repeal measure.

This serves a very apparent purpose. The purpose of placing another crime-related ballot proposal alongside Proposition 47 repeal is to confuse voters and drive away Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters who are concerned about crime, causing them to support a Newsom-backed crime measure rather than the Proposition 47 repeal. That repeal legislation will very probably be portrayed as a right-wing MAGA movement, as Newsom did with the recall attempt against him.

You can expect that the deception and manipulation will continue. California’s attorneys general have a history of creating biased or unclear ballot summaries for proposals to guarantee that the party’s favored outcome is achieved.

In 2018, then-Attorney General Xavier Becerra crafted a purposely unclear description for the gas tax repeal, resulting in an 11-point swing in polling results. Attorney General Rob Bonta has already exercised this authority this year, referring to legislation that would prohibit females from sharing locker rooms or sports with boys as the “Restricts Rights of Transgender Youth Initiative.”

Proposition 47 repeal will receive its deceptive labeling, most likely alongside a glowing description of Newsom’s supposed alternative, which state Democrats will rush to get on the ballot. California Democrats’ entire campaign is based on deceiving voters and subverting their wishes, all in the interest of criminals who benefit from Proposition 47 by escaping jail time as per

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