Five Men Accused of Trafficking 14-year-old Girl Across States; Arrested in Missouri During Traffic Stop

Five Men Accused of Trafficking 14-year-old Girl Across States; Arrested in Missouri During Traffic Stop

On Monday, five men were taken into custody in Missouri on suspicion of trafficking a girl who was 14 years old from the state of Indiana to the state of California. According to Macon County Prosecutor Joshua Meisner, the males stood before the Macon County Circuit Court and were charged with putting the well-being of a kid in jeopardy.

Because the investigation is still ongoing, these charges may be altered. Several law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are also participating. At this point, that is what they are being charged within our county, but it is too early for me to tell how all of that is going to play out.

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This information was relayed to troopers of the Missouri State Highway Patrol at approximately two in the morning on Monday. The girl, who was 14 years old at the time, had fled Cass County, Indiana after the child’s father witnessed her getaway in a black SUV, as stated in the court filings.

According to the man, she was reported missing to the local police department. The girl’s phone was tracked by law authorities, and they stopped a black Dodge Durango in Macon County, Missouri, to investigate the situation.

The girl, who recognized herself as the missing teen, was located by a trooper who was searching the vehicle. The young lady was removed from the vehicle, and the individuals who were sitting inside were brought into jail kansascity reported.

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The trooper claimed in court filings that the five men, who were reportedly in the nation as unauthorized immigrants, were allegedly trafficking the girl from Indiana to California. The girl was allegedly transported from Indiana to California. The following five guys have been charged:

  • Daniel Ruiz-Lopez, 19, of Honduras
  • Noe Guzman-Hernandez, 24, of Mexico
  • Carlos Funez, 56, of Honduras
  • Arturo Eustaquio, 41, of Mexico
  • Marlon Aguilar, 44, of Honduras

All five are due to appear in court for bond hearings on Friday.

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