Two Defendants Convicted in 2022 Shooting Murder Case of Indianapolis Funeral Director James Dixon III

Two Defendants Convicted in 2022 Shooting Murder Case of Indianapolis Funeral Director James Dixon III

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said on Friday that two people were convicted of fatally shooting an Indianapolis funeral director in 2022, according to a news release.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday that Jashon Wallace-Carswell and Stacey Fuller were convicted of several crimes in the shooting murder of James Dixon III following a four-day trial.

Jashon Wallace-Carswell was found guilty of two counts of murder and robbery with serious bodily injury (Level 2 Felony).

Stacey Fuller was convicted of two charges of murder, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury (Level 2 Felony), two counts of armed robbery (Level 3 Felony), and criminal recklessness (Level 5).

“Reverend Dixon was a beloved member of our community, who was known for putting others first and helping our neighbors say goodbye to loved ones,” said the prosecution’s Mears. Tragically, the defendants’ thoughtless acts caused his family and friends to suffer from the same suffering that the Reverend was known for alleviating. We are happy to have obtained justice on behalf of Reverend Dixon and his family, and our sympathies are with them during this terrible time.”

On August 4, 2022, officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to a carjacking at a property in the 5000 block of Gateway Drive. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim, who indicated that she was sitting in her vehicle when two males approached and forced her out at gunpoint. The men were later identified as Wallace-Carswell and Fuller.

According to Wishtv, On August 5, IMPD police installed a tracker on the vehicle and, in collaboration with the IMPD SWAT squad, began tracking it. On August 6, an FBI agent saw the vehicle driving north on Lafayette Road before stopping at a business on Belleview Place. The FBI agent then saw Wallace-Carswell and Fuller approach Dixon and began to argue with him. While attempting to exit his truck and interfere, the agent heard several gunshots and Dixon collapsed to the ground.

Wallace-Carswell and Fuller fled the scene in the stolen car and were chased by police. Wallace-Carswell was promptly hauled into jail. Fuller then escaped on foot, shooting at an IMPD SWAT vehicle before being apprehended.

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