Pennsylvania Couple Charged After Newborn Found Dead; Nursing Assistant Allegedly Threw Baby From Window

Pennsylvania Couple Charged After Newborn Found Dead; Nursing Assistant Allegedly Threw Baby From Window

A nursing assistant was caught three months after her dead baby was found on the sidewalk. Police say she threw the baby out of a second-story window.

Online court records show that Emily Jane Dickinson, 20, and Joshua Coleman Wooters, 19, have been arrested by police in connection with the death of their baby in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, in March.

State police in Pennsylvania found the baby boy on the street on March 11. This was not long before the doctor pronounced the child dead.

When troopers got to the scene of the crime, they found a garbage bag with a bloody mattress inside it, along the road.

Authorities told ABC 27 that the doctor found that the child was less than 24 hours old. A criminal charge that ABC 27 used as evidence said the child died of “exsanguination from the umbilical stump.”

According to the news source, officers also found a placenta at the scene.

A complaint from ABC 27 and FOX 43 says that Wooters denied knowing anything about the situation several times while the probe was going on.

WGAL 8 and FOX 43 report that he later told police that Dickinson cut the baby’s umbilical cord with a knife. This is what the lawsuit says. Police say Dickinson told them she didn’t want any children and didn’t know she was pregnant until a few weeks before the baby was born, according to the charging papers seen by ABC 27. Authorities say she told them that after giving birth in the bathroom, she checked the baby’s heart and saw that it wasn’t moving.

According to the complaint, Dickinson allegedly said she got rid of the baby and the placenta after an unknown amount of time because she “wasn’t thinking clearly.”

The complaint says Wooters told police that Dickinson had reportedly picked up the baby and thrown it out the window.

There are charges against Dickinson and Wooters for criminal homicide, criminal homicide conspiracy, hiding the death of a child, and abuse of a body. These charges can be found online.

PEOPLE Reported Court records show that Wooters has also been charged with obstructing the law. Court records show that both were put into jail on Tuesday, June 25 and are being held without bail.

As of press time, neither of their lawyers’ names nor plea information could be found in the court records.

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